The Counseling Process

I will counsel you in setting realistic and measurable goals regarding how to make positive changes in your life. I offer guidance to those who want to transform their life experience into a closer walk with God.
You will be guided through a process that helps clarify your wisdom of yourself and your life. Are you unhappy with where you are in your life? What changes do you need to make? I will assist you in evaluating your circumstances, your strengths, weaknesses and what you can and cannot control. I will help you set realistic goals and make suggestions regarding how you can achieve them. I will assist you in answering some of life’s questions.

Getting Started

Sessions can be either phone or email.

Each individual session consists of one hour by phone. Prior to the session, I will request a short email questionnaire to be answered. I will spend time reviewing your information, meditating and praying about your situation before the session.

A single session can be very helpful in encouraging you to realize the obstacles that are preventing you from living up to your full potential. I would suggest at least four sessions to put things in a clearer perspective and fully realize the changes you need to make on your life’s path.

For a more focused topic/question, e-mail consulting is available. I will answer your question with a medium-length email message within approximately four business days.

Health insurance is not accepted for online or telephone counseling services.

For more information about e-mail or phone sessions or to schedule an appointment, contact me at or call (713) 974-6887.

Each new counseling session is $200.00 and consists of a one hour telephone call. Each subsequent session is $150.00.  Prepayment is required for all telephone sessions.

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