Are you sacrificing yourself for the benefit of others?
Are you sacrificing others for the benefit of yourself?
Do you find yourself making the same mistakes?
Are you compromising your values in your relationships?
What changes do you need to make?
Are you unhappy with where you are in your life?
Are you having trouble within your relationships?
Judy Entzenberger

Judy Entzenberger

The Path to GodlinessMy name is Judy Entzenberger, I am a Houston based counselor, who will assist you in understanding and conquering challenges you face in your life. During a counseling session, I will assist you in finding the answers to your questions, evaluate your circumstances, strengths, weaknesses, and teach you to identify the solutions to these questions. I will counsel you in setting realistic and measurable goals regarding how to make positive changes in your life. I am called to present healing to hurting men and women who want to grow in their relationship with God. As a counselor and teacher, my goal is to empower and guide you to take the necessary steps that will enable you to be the person God created. My gift is to counsel and encourage you to overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from living life to its fullest.